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Fratelli Vogadori, Wines of Veneto

Oct 27 2020

Located in the hilly area north-west of Verona, we find Valpolicella, a place well known for the beauty if its land and the greatness of the its wine. Fratelli Vogadori is located in the Valpolicella Classica area and based in Negrar. Here, three brothers, produce wonderful wines. As a major Amarone winery in one of the most important wine regions of Italy, the Fratelli Vogadori winery combines years of viticulture expertise with a passion for tradition and environmentally-friendly values. Their wines are spellbinding, complex and elegant. The Amarone winery hand selects and dries only the best grape bunches. After pressing, the precious liquid is fermented and aged until it is ready to pour from the bottle. From the grape to the glass, and then to the senses of the fortunate drinker.

It is the case of the Amarone "FORLAGO", Fratelli Vogadori Forlago is only made in best years. Grapes are carefully selected to keep up the standard of this great wine. Drying process lasting 5 months before crushing the grapes, wine is aged for at least 36 months in new and old French Oak barrels. Try the 2013 and you will be dragged in a rollercoaster of “tasting emotions”, a flow of aromas of vanilla, chocolate, dried figs, chutney cherry, tobacco enveloped into a balanced and smoothed charge of tannins. Enjoy!!

Warm and spicy bouquet, with aromas of raisins. This is due to the fact that the grapes have been dryed before fermenting. You can smell vanilla, chocolate and cherry flavours. I believe the secret of the wine is the blend: the high presence of the dominant Corvina grape, plays an esssential role for the complexity of "FORLAGO"

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