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Exploring Barone Pizzini's 'Animante' Sparkling Wine

Dec 17 2023

In the scenic Lombardy region of northern Italy lies the esteemed Franciacorta, a relatively young yet celebrated sparkling wine. Discover the captivating history behind Barone Pizzini's 'Animante,' a testament to tradition and the art of winemaking.


Unveiling the Legacy of Franciacorta Sparkling Wine

Franciacorta Emerges:

Originating in the 1960s, Franciacorta's foray into the world of sparkling wines marked a turning point in Italian viticulture. Inspired by Champagne's success, local producers aimed to craft exceptional sparkling wines, adopting the meticulous méthode champenoise.


Inauguration of Excellence:

Recognized as a quality Italian sparkling wine in 1967 with the DOC status, Franciacorta secured its place on the global wine stage. Earning the prestigious DOCG status in 1995 further affirmed its commitment to authenticity and stringent production standards.


Consorzio Franciacorta:

The Consortium for the Protection of Franciacorta, established in 1990, plays a pivotal role in upholding quality benchmarks. It oversees adherence to specific grape varieties, aging prerequisites, and winemaking methods, ensuring top-notch wine production.


Grapes and Styles:

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir take the lead in crafting Franciacorta, while traces of Pinot Blanc add finesse. Various styles—Non-Vintage, Vintage, and the elegant Satèn—highlight the distinctiveness of the region's grapes, emphasizing the terroir's richness.


Global Acclaim:

With an unwavering focus on expressing terroir, Franciacorta has garnered international acclaim for its superior sparkling wines, offering a unique alternative to Champagne, contributing to the prestige of Italian wines worldwide.


Barone Pizzini 'Animante' Franciacorta: A Legacy Unveiled

Pioneering Excellence:

Barone Pizzini, established in 1870, stands as one of Franciacorta's oldest wineries. It revolutionised winemaking by championing biodiversity and natural farming methods, emphasising the vitality of vineyards for crafting exceptional wines.


Art of Crafting 'Animante':

Sourced from 25 vineyards scattered across Franciacorta, 'Animante' reflects the estate's commitment to quality. The vineyards, positioned between 200-300 meters above sea level, boast diverse subsoils, contributing to the wine's depth and character.


Meticulous Winemaking:

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Bianco from distinct sites are meticulously harvested and processed. Gentle pressing and stainless steel fermentation pave the way for an extended refinement period in bottles, enhancing the wine's complexity and flavor profile.


Indulge in the Legacy of Barone Pizzini 'Animante.' Experience the Elegance of Franciacorta Sparkling Wine. Discover More at Golden Wines.


With a legacy steeped in tradition and an unwavering commitment to quality, Barone Pizzini 'Animante' epitomises the essence of Franciacorta's rich winemaking heritage, offering connoisseurs a captivating journey into excellence.



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